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Our Story

Seeing how machines are learning faster and smarter, Wendy, a psychologist at heart, asked, “How can human beings learn faster and smarter too? Surely, our trajectory of learning needs to change, especially in these disruptive times when different skills and career transitions into new jobs are necessary. 


Wendy embarked on her doctoral studies to find new answers to this question. This journey has challenged Wendy in her own learning and insights on the motivation, mindset, process and workplace conditions that enhance learning. The result is DevelopforLife because we want to find a way to leverage these ideas for people to learn more effectively.”

To Thrive in the Future of Work

Learning is a means for us to achieve our career aspirations, to expand who we are as a human being and to contribute to the larger world. Learning is also a means to close the increasing inequality gap, so everyone can progress in their lives, no matter where they start from. Learning is a means to create a world that works for us. 


It is this purpose that inspires us to saddle up on this entrepreneurial journey. We have created DevelopforLife to empower self-directed learning for career resilience and organizations to succeed in the future of work. 


We are so grateful to partners, advisers and learners in this journey together. Come join us!

Together, We Build a World That Works For All

Our Team

Wendy Tan, MSOD, CSP
Chief Learning Officer

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An entrepreneur, speaker, PhD student and learner.
Concerned about the how people are learning in the world
of artificial intelligence and automation, Wendy’s purpose is
to bring solutions to empower people to learn adaptively. A
learner herself, Wendy has transitioned from a consultant,
speaker and author to an entrepreneur with a mission to build the ecosystem for the
future of workplace learning.


Charlene Ang
Chief Operating Officer

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Witnessing the transformational impact of coaching and
development, Charlene made the transition from clinical
research to learning and organisational development.
Charlene was formerly the Regional Director of Learning
Operations (Asia Pacific) and Learning Business Partner in

Yuit Ang.jpg

Yuit Ang
Chief Technology Officer

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A strategic solutionist, resourceful leader and passionate community builder, Yuit is
driven to solve problems and make a contribution. His unique strength lies in his
deep understanding of business and technology, enabling him to be the bridge
between both worlds. He loves to build architecture for next generation tech
solutions that solves real problems.

Creating aha moments to empower professionals for future-ready organizations

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